About Prague

About the Czech Republic and Prague

GECCO 2019 is taking place in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic and one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Romantically set on both banks of the river Vltava, its unique Historic Centre is a UNESCO World Heritage site and the home of magnificent monuments such as the Prague Castle, the Charles Bridge, the Astronomical Clock and St Vitus Cathedral, among others. Prague is served by many international flights arriving at Václav Havel airport, and provides plenty of accommodation options.


Some facts about the Czech Republic

... and some facts about Prague:


The currency used in Czech Republic is the Czech Crown (1 CZK). The approximate rates (March 2019) are

  • 26 CZK for 1 EUR,
  • 23 CZK for 1 USD,
  • 30 CZK for 1 GBP.

On many places, however, you can pay by credit cards or with Euros. Be careful when you exchange money, some exchange offices you can find on the streets will will give you much less CZK for your money than they should!
Prague honest guide on Exchanging money in Prague, and Where to change money in Prague.


The standard voltage is 240 V, 50 Hz. See the plugs and sockets we use (or here).


Tipping is not mandatory in Czech Republic, the service is already included in the price of the meal. However, this does not mean that you cannot or should not tip. It is quite normal to tip 5 to 15 %, but if you are not satisfied with the food, speed, etc., do not hesitate to make the tip lower. We usually give the tip by rounding up the price and directly telling the waiter how much we want to pay.

Food and drinks

Some other videos about Czech food: