Where to have lunch

Where to have lunch during GECCO?

Update, July 12: There shall be some options to have a lunch right inside PCC (none of them is included in the registration fee, you have to pay that separately):

  • From Sat to Wed: The Mirror bar on the 1st floor of PCC will provide some soups, main dishes, etc.
  • From Mon to Wed: Cafe Reunion on the ground floor of PCC will be open from 9am till 5pm (?), offering some meals too.
  • From Mon to Wed: A food truck right in front of entrance nr 5 will offer some choices too.

There are some options in the vicinity of Prague Congress Center, but they are not numerous, and they are of similar type. If you want a bigger array to choose from, take 1 or 2 stops by Metro towards the city center (to station I. P. Pavlova or Muzeum), and look there. The highest variety of restaurants can be found if you get out of Metro on I. P. Pavlova and go in the direction to Náměstí Míru.

This map contains some suggestions for various types of cuisines. They are organized in layers, so you can filter individual types out. The map contains only restaurants which do have their web pages on Google Maps; it is not a complete list of all restaurants in those districts.

Note that it is quite common here that a restaurant offers many types of meals, offering something from traditional Czech Cuisine, some burgers, sometimes even pizza, and e.g. salads for vegetarians/vegans. If a restaurant is not categorized among vegetarian/vegan, it does not mean that vegetarians/vegans will not find anything for them. Just ask the service. (Some tips on vegetarian/vegan restaurants from Prague Honest Guide. But they are somewhat farther away from the conference venue.)

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